The Deacons of IHM

Submitted by: H. Davenport, A. Finger, B. Sanchez, J. Wear, N. Sexton

Interviewee: Deacon Wally, Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church, High Point, NC

Interview date: April 23, 2018


Our interview with Deacon Wally focuses on the Deaconate and religious life in general as well as in the IHM Parish, specifically. We were able to discuss important questions about when Deacon Wally’s vocation became clear to him, how the religious take their God-given gifts to spread Christ’s message throughout the surrounding community, and the challenges that a deacon and the religious have in general. In addition, Deacon Wally goes on to explain the process that Mr. Frank Skinner had to follow in order to become a deacon and share his faith with the rest of the parish much like Deacon Wally has for the many years. Through this conversation, the young people of the Diocese of Charlotte are able to better understand the deacons of IHM as well as have a better understanding of what the religious life entails on an everyday basis.


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