Interview with Russ Tremblay, Cross Country Coach at Bishop McGuinness High School (2008-2017)

Submitted by: D. Molen, A. Ruiz, B. Standen, T. Tremblay, Class of 2018

Interviewee: Russ Tremblay, Bishop McGuinness Cross Country Coach (2008-2017)

Russ Tremblay was born on June 1st, 1967 in Calgary, Canada.  His passion for running began when he joined his high school’s cross country and track teams.  Russ also played ice hockey growing up and still plays on a team today.  When Coach Tremblay turned 18 he moved to the United States and began working in construction.  Today, Russ has his own company and remodels retirement homes and other home projects.  Coach Tremblay has two daughters, both of which ran on the Bishop Cross Country team.  During his time coaching at Bishop, Russ has served as Assistant Coach and later Head Coach when his youngest daughter was a freshman.  Coach Tremblay had his last coaching season in Fall of 2017.  He has since been focusing more on his company, ice hockey, and spending time with his family.

Project Summary:

Russ Tremblay was a Cross Country coach at Bishop McGuinness for nine years.  During all of those years, he encouraged athletes to believe in themselves and reach for goals they never thought they could reach.  During Coach Tremblay’s time at Bishop he lead the team to a total of six state championships.  The boys’ varsity team won four of those state championships and the girls won two.  Winning a state championship takes hard working athletes and great coaches.  Russ Tremblay had two daughters run cross country during his time as coach.  He was able to watch them along with the rest of the athletes grow over their years of running.  Coach Tremblay’s last state championship was won on November 4th, 2017 by the boys’ varsity cross country team.  This was a great way for him to end his coaching career at Bishop McGuinness.


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