The Legacy of Mr. Roger Berry at Bishop McGuinness

Submitted by: K. Gaylord, M. Javier, A. Merendino, A. Pitman, E. Ramirez, Class 2018

Interviewees: Roger Berry, Tracy Shaw, Steve Sampica

Interview Dates: March 20th, 2018 (Mrs. Shaw), March 22nd, 2018 (Mr. Berry & Mr. Sampica)


When one thinks of the Bishop McGuinness spirit, one of the first people that comes to mind is Roger Berry. Mr. Berry has been working at Bishop for nearly 30 years. Not a day goes by when he is not holding open the door, smiling and telling you to have a blessed day. The added input of Mrs. Shaw and Mr. Sampica further exemplifies just how important Mr. Berry is to the Bishop McGuinness community. These interviews show us why he is such an amazing man and how he has touched so many lives, both students and faculty.

Interviewing Mr. Berry gave us some insight into the “behind the scenes” of Bishop. Obviously, many students spend a lot of time worrying about their studies. It is not that we do not appreciate him, just that—in the bustle of life—we overlook and do not realize all that Mr. Berry does, both for the school and the emotional well-being of the students. Mr. Berry is always there to say, “Have a wonderful day, God bless you.” One does not often meet a man with so much piety and faith.  Mr. Berry is truly the gear that keeps Bishop going, and all that he does certainly makes it a better place.


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