The Legacy of George Repass, Principal of Bishop McGuinness High School 1990-2015

Submitted By: J. Babcock, C. Clarke, C. Cortes, N. George, Class of 2018

Interviewees: Mr. Rick Eklund, Mr. Tony O’Meara, Mrs. Tracy Shaw

Interview Dates: April 11, 2018

For our submission to the Bishop McGuinness Archives Project, we chose, The Legacy of George Repass. For our project, we interviewed Mrs. Tracy Shaw, Principal of Bishop McGuinness High School, Mr. Rick Eklund, science teacher at Bishop McGuinness, and Mr. Tony O’Meara, religion teacher at Bishop McGuinness. The reason we picked this topic is because Mr. Repass, former principal of Bishop,  had such a huge impact on our school’s community and the larger Catholic community around us.  He certainly left behind a great legacy that will never be forgotten.

We also chose this topic to make sure incoming students and later generations understand Mr. Repass’ legacy. We want people viewers to realize how great Mr. Repass’ impact was on the Bishop McGuinness community.  Without Mr. Repass Bishop McGuinness would not be the school it is today. The reason why we picked Mr. Eklund and Mr. O’Meara to interview was because they worked alongside Mr. Repass from the first day he was made Principal. We then chose Mrs. Shaw, because she served as Mr. Repass’ Assistant Principal for six years, before becoming Principal herself upon his passing in November of 2015. We chose the questions we used in the video carefully as we wanted to make sure what we were asking would help best explain Mr. Repass’ legacy. Not only did he impact the school in a positive way, he also impacted everyone that stepped through the front doors of Bishop McGuinness.  Just a few examples of Mr. Repass’ lovable spirit and how he is remembered by his former students would be the special bond that he had with everyone at the school, students, faculty, and their family members.  He referred to the students as his, “kids”. He made sure he had a connection with every student and that is one of the reasons he was loved by everyone. He made it a point to be present at sporting events and performances that the students participated in and did so many amazing things for the school.  He would come to every lunch period to talk and joke with the students, he’d make nicknames for students, and he was always making those around him laugh.  These are just a few of the many reasons why Mr. Repass was so loved by those who knew him.  It is our hope that by watching this video everyone understands how much Mr. Repress meant to the school and the amazing legacy he let behind.


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