The Importance of Youth Ministry in the Diocese of Charlotte: An Interview with Mr. David Rad, Vice Principal of Bishop McGuinness

Submitted by: C. Bovender,  C. Cappuccio, N. Sheehan, A. Testa, Class of 2018

Interviewee: Mr. David Rad, Vice Principal of Bishop McGuinness High School

Interview Date: Sunday, April 8th, 2018

For our archives project, we interviewed Mr. David Rad. Mr. Rad serves as the Vice Principal of Bishop McGuinness, as one of our religion teachers at Bishop McGuinness, and as the head of youth ministry at Immaculate Heart of Mary Church in High Point, North Carolina. We reached out to interview Mr. Rad, and he got back to us very quickly, and was happy to answer our questions about the role youth ministry has played in his career. While, Mr. Rad has several other impressive accomplishments, the highlight of his career is most definitely the work he has performed in youth ministry and th role he has played in its development at IHM, where has truly transformed the program. In this interview, we talk to Mr. Rad about his experiences in youth ministry, the role it plays in the Diocese of Charlotte, and the importance of youth ministry in general. This interview is important to us, as it allows us to understand the importance of youth ministry, and why it must be continued to be practiced, and encouraged in the Diocese of Charlotte



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