Bishop Alumni Faculty Members, An Interview with Laurie Sorrell (’88) and Lee Coble (’02)

Submitted by: L. Billings, E. Elliott, H. Fischer, T. Holt, and C. Sorrell, Class of 2018

Interviewees: Laurie Sorrell, Chemistry teacher; Lee Coble, World History and AP European History teacher

Laurie Sorrell (class of 1988) is the chemistry teacher at Bishop McGuinness High School. She attended Bishop McGuinness from 1986 to 1988. Before moving to Bishop, Mrs. Sorrell went to an all-girls Catholic school called Our Lady of the Elms in Akron, Ohio for part of her sophomore year then transferred halfway through the year. When Mrs. Sorrell attended Bishop, it was still in the old building on Link Road in Winston-Salem.  Her love for science and working with kids made her the perfect fit for her current position at Bishop McGuinness.

Date of interview: March 30, 2018

Lee Coble (class of 2002) teaches World History and AP European History at Bishop McGuinness. Like Mrs. Sorrell, he was also a student at Bishop McGuinness prior to teaching here.  He spent all four of his high school years here, from 1998 to 2002. Before attending Bishop McGuinness, Mr Coble was a student at Our Lady of Mercy, a Kindergarten through 8th grade Catholic school in Winston-Salem. Mr. Coble says that an experience he will never forget as a high school student was when he was a junior on the basketball team and they beat Greensboro Day School and then went on to beat them in the semifinals of the state tournament. As a graduate of Belmont Abbey college with a degree in History, Coble began his career in education as a substitute teacher. He was then offered a position here at Bishop McGuiness where he has been teaching in the History Department since 2008.

Date of interview: April 9, 2018

Summary: Interviewing these two great teachers, we were able to find out from their own experiences what it was like for them as high schoolers here at Bishop. In both interviews, they talk about how different the rules were and how much Bishop has expanded and grown into the building it is now. Their experiences at Bishop have shaped them into the people they are today so when job openings became available, they knew they had to take the opportunities.


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