Bishop McGuinness Fencing Program

Submitted by: J. Blaisdell, K. Kuyler, C. Longino, T. Oh, D. Spencer, Class of 2018

Interviewees: John and Linda Fulcher, BMHS Fencing Coaches

Date of Interview: March 15, 2018

This project overviews broad basic information of the fencing program at Bishop McGuinness, from how it started years ago to the inter-working’s of the program today.  Our coaches talk about what it’s been like working with Bishop, as well as how the coaches themselves got started and where they believe the program will go in the future.

The fencing program is a significant aspect of Bishop that we believe should be documented as it can often be overlooked because it is not considered a sport by the schools, it is considered an “athletic club”.  It is also significant because very few school have fencing teams. What makes it important to Bishop is because other schools in the league are public and because Bishop is a private school, there have been kids who have come to Bishop just so they can fence.


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