Bishop McGuinness’ 50th Anniversary

Submitted by: N. Drane, S. Lassiter, H. Simson, N. Rosenfeld,  L. Rowe, Class of 2018

Interviewee: Catherine Lassiter

Interview Date: April 9th, 2018

Bishop McGuinness has a long, rich history spanning almost 60 years. Nearly a decade ago the Bishop community celebrated its 50th anniversary.  During the year of the 50th anniversary there were many different festivities including the legendary “50th Anniversary Party”.  In order to discover important information about this timeless event, we interviewed the party’s organizer, the one and only, Catherine Lassiter.  Mrs. Lassiter attended Bishop McGuinness herself, sent all six of her children through the school, and her grandmother hosted the party which was located at the very first Bishop building.

Our interview took place at Mrs. Lassiter’s house and involved a series of questions regarding her experience at Bishop McGuinness as well as her experience planning the party. She talked about how the party went and what the people who went to the party thought about it.  Many alumni from the original school were in attendance and were very happy to be back in the school seeing the old classrooms and hallways.  She spoke about how the school has changed throughout the years and why it moved locations.  It was very interesting to hear about the changes the school has gone through such as the uniforms, sports programs, and even the religion classes and teachers.  Our project hopes to document a part of our school’s history and and evolution.


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