An Interview with Josh Thompson and Michael Hershel, Men’s Basketball Coaches at Bishop McGuinness Catholic High School

Submitted by: A. DeSalvo, V. Jacobsen, A. Kabealo, and R. Moon, Class of 2018

Interviewees: Josh Thompson and Michael Hershel

Josh Thompson and Michael Hershel are the current men’s basketball coaches at Bishop McGuinness Catholic High School. However, during the 2009-2010 season, Michael Hershel was actually a player under Coach Thompson. Each of these interviewees played monumental roles in the team’s historic state championship run. Head coach, Josh Thompson, and senior captain, Michael Hershel, lead and inspired their team to push through diversity and accomplish what had never been done before.

This topic is important to the Bishop McGuinness community for a number of reasons. The 2009-2010 men’s basketball team won the first men’s basketball state championship in the history of Bishop McGuinness. Also, it was the first and only year that both the men’s and women’s basketball teams won the state championship. This historic run created a sense of excitement and togetherness throughout the school. Many students traveled to the games to support their friends and the school was united as one. The state championship victory also provided some credibility to Coach Thompson at the beginning of his coaching career. It also inspired some players like Michael Hershel to come back and coach for the school. The 2009-2010 state championship did many things for the school community. Most importantly, the victorious season shows the value of hard work, determination, and that is possible to accomplish anything.


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